The future in Atlantic Canada is becoming more and more  brilliant. The widespread adoption of the maker philosophy and  innovative teaching have allowed students in our classrooms to solve real world problems that exist in our own backyards. 

High Altitude Challenge

Schools interested in this engineering design challenge and developing their very own HABs (High Altitude Balloons), for our TBD launch day, should send a message to 


We are also looking for various groups of students who would like to take on a larger responsibility and help organize and coordinate our launch day.  If you're interested in helping take a leadership role for this Challenge please reach out!

Rogers Telecommunications Challenge

Brilliant Labs & Rogers Communications will be challenging you to re imagine telecommunications by challenging 

students to communicate using Code and the Micro:bit. 

Animatronics Challenge 

Students from accross New Brunswick and Nova Scotia took part in this spooky hacking & animatronics' innovation challenge.  Learn more and stay tuned as we continue to share their creations. 

Weekly m-Bot Challenge

Every day at Brilliant Labs is working with students to refine their robotic abilities. In honour of their great achievements, we thought it would be fun to challenge all students across Atlantic Canada who have access to an mBOT. Remember, for those of you who need a little extra help getting stated with your mBOT, feel free to check out our mBOT mastery course located here. Happy Coding!

The Stan Cassidy Centre

We are excited to announce our latest Innovation Challenge! For this challenge, we have partnered with an incredibly talented group of professionals at the Stan Cassidy Centre for Rehabilitation in Fredericton, New Brunswick. One way in which this centre helps their patients is to develop and create unique technologies that aim to solve a problem in a particular patient’s life.


We have worked with Josh Keys, a Rehabilitation Engineer at the centre, to develop a list of possible devices that could be invented, developed and created by students in kindergarten through grade 12. Many of you have access to unique technologies like littleBits, 3D printers, micro controllers and wearable tech that will allow you to prototype these solutions very easily.

Youth Entrepreneuriship Challenge

The Youth Entrepreneurship Challenge is open to all students in grades 5-12 with entrepreneurial ideas!


The SuperPower Challenge entries, traditionally reserved for only High School students will now fall under the Idea Architect and the YEC is now promoting themes familiar to previous participants of the SuperPower Challenge.


on the Horizon

Brilliant Labs will be issuing new challenges for 2018.  If you're looking to challenge your students to solve real world problems and apply what they've been learning this term then get ready for these upcoming challenges: 


- Autonomous Vehicle Challenge

- Create a Tablet Challenge  

- Renewable Energy Challenge  

- Wearable Electronics Challenge

Contact us if you're intersted and we would be happy to give you a sneak peek.

T. 506-442-9059

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Rogers Coding/Telecommunications

Participate and receive a Special Micro:bit Coding Pack thanks to the generous support of the Ted Rogers Scholarship Fund.